Double Christmas Eve Box - The Kringle Krate

The Kringle Krate

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Create lasting memories this holiday season with our signature Kringle Krate - Christmas Eve Activity Box. Each box includes 6 unique items handpicked for your child to enjoy on Christmas Eve. Our double box features 2-sets of the items below:

  • Christmas Cookie Apron Coloring Kit - complete with Fabric Markers
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate by Frozen Bean 
  • Rudolph's Bath Bomb
  • Reindeer Food
  • Santa Key
  • Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

The best part of Kringle Krates are the guided activities directed by Santa himself!  Children will begin with a letter from Santa that guides them through Christmas Eve activities and prepares them for bedtime. Children will even be prompted to clean their rooms and go to bed early, so as not to delay his pending arrival. 

Kringle Krates are not your average Christmas Eve Boxes. Kringle Krates are activity-based, fill with products sourced from small businesses across the US, and designed with your children's experience in mind. All products are manufactured in the United States with many products sourced directly from the Midwest. 

Kringle Krate Christmas Eve Boxes are designed for children 3-10 years old, but most activities can be modified for different age groups. If your child needs a modified product due to allergies or disabilities, please email and we will be happy to swap out an item or customize to accommodate your child's needs. 

Finally, every Kringle Krate is hand-packed by our owner in Franklin, Indiana. Born from a desire to make holidays more meaningful and fun, Kringle Krate Christmas Eve Boxes are sure to become your next family tradition!


1. When will my order ship? 

Pre-orders will ship between November 25th and December 5th. We strive to make sure all products are packaged with the freshest ingredients and care; therefore, pre-orders ship closer to the actual Christmas Holiday.

2. What if I need my box sooner? 

Please contact if you need your package sooner and we will be happy to ship it early. 

3. Can I ship to a different location than my billing address? 

Yes, make sure to update the shipping address with the appropriate location when you place your order. 

4. What is a double-box? 

A double-box contains two sets of each item. This box is ideal for two children households or children who may want to complete their Christmas Eve activities with a friend or family member. 

5. Where do you get your products from?

All products are sourced from US based small businesses. This means that there might be slight variations form one item to another. We vet all suppliers to ensure quality and timeliness are of the upmost priority. 

6. How do your boxes ship? 

Kringle Krates are shipped in printed mailer boxes. When the recipient opens up the mailer box, the items will be inside. Stocking Stuffers and add-on products are shipped in teal or red poly mailers. 

7. Do you make custom boxes? 

Yes! Do you have a unique situation such as a food allergy or disability? We are happy to accommodate such requests and want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our product. Please email with your request. 

8. What products are included in a Kringle Krate Christmas Eve Box? 

Please review the product description for an updated list of the contents in each box. 

9. How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping cost is dependent on the size and weight of the package. Shipping is generally $3.00 - $9.00 depending on the packages final destination. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or via email to receive exclusive offers including FREE Shipping.