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 Abby Robertson
Welcome to The Kringle Krate! If you've landed here, you must be curious about who we are or how we got started. 
Simply put, The Kringle Krate was founded by Abby Robertson, an aspiring entrepreneur and exhausted mamma. Tired of the materialism and expectations that often come with the holiday season, Abby wanted a way to bring joy and excitement to her family's hearts - thus, The Kringle Krate was born.
For the past several years, Abby has created Christmas Eve Boxes for her family that includes several "activity" based tasks to prepare children for Santa's arrival. Over the course of time, we realized that children stay busy (hallelujah!), spend time with each other, and often remember Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day as a result of the Christmas Eve boxes. So the idea of offering this product to Abby's friends and family became more important as time went on and she soon realized an opportunity was born to combine her business knowledge with a tried and true holiday tradition.
The concept of Christmas Eve boxes is not original to The Kringle Krate, which is why Abby's product includes the uniqueness of activity based play. 
The future goal of the The Kringle Krate is to eventually evolve into additional product lines and variations for the whole family and to be featured in a nationwide, big-box retail store. 
Stay tuned for more updates from The Kringle Krate.

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