Media Requests & Partnerships

We love to work with brands and companies. Here are a number of ways in which we’ve partnered with companies in the past:


Product Development:
This is the most fun part of our job! We love to create unique products that help you create more meaningful experiences with your family. 


Product Consideration and Giveaways:
We are willing to include products in our boxes if we feel it is a good fit for our audience. We also host periodic giveaways and contests to help introduce our customers to new brands and organizations. 


Public Relations & Media Requests:

Abby is available to speak to your audience on a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship, business development, and balancing a growing family. Abby has been featured in podcasts, magazines, and throughout the Indiana community and is known for her wild sense of human and ability to reflect on her own personal shortcomings. 


Advertising on The Kringle Krate
If you’d like to advertise your business on our sidebar, please contact us at

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